Oct 7, 2016

Is shark legend 'Old Hitler' real or just a fish tale?

It's a whale of a tale...about a shark. Legend has it Old Hitler is a giant hammerhead shark that's said to be ov...

Sep 19, 2016

3 bitten by shark over 3 hours in same area of Florida beach

The attacks began Sunday morning when the Volusia County Beach Safety Ocean Rescue agency says a 43-year-old man wa...

Aug 12, 2016

Shark-toothed power saw reveals most durable chompers

In an experiment fit for a horror movie, researchers glued shark teeth to a power saw and ran them through hunks ...

Aug 11, 2016

Greenland sharks live to be ridiculously old.

In a study published Thursday in Science, Bushnell and his colleagues report that the species actually has the long...

Aug 9, 2016

Underwater bedroom lets you sleep with sharks

The Aquarium de Paris has partnered with Airbnb to host an unusual sleepover. Source.  Watch the Video!

Jul 29, 2016

Shark deaths spark reminder of best fishing practices

The director of shark research at Mote Marine Laboratory doesn’t preach an anti-fishing message. He just wants an...

Jul 27, 2016

Warren Sapp bit in arm by shark while lobstering

Former Bucs defensive tackle Legend Warren Sapp, a regular on charter fishing trips in his retirement these days, w...

Jul 1, 2016

Getting to the Bottom of Lake Michigan's Legendary 'Shark Attack'

  It’s the kind of “fact” that makes you blink and wonder if you read it correctly. The Global Shark Attack File...
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