Is shark legend 'Old Hitler' real or just a fish tale?

It's a whale of a tale...about a shark. Legend has it Old Hitler is a giant hammerhead shark that's said to be over 20-feet long and around 2,000 pounds. Old Hitler stalked the Tampa Bay area in the mid-1970s and, some say, still does.  Watch Video.

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  • Awesome “Old Hitler”Hammerhead painting:

    Jonathan Morrill
  • In 1992 my family went to the keys for the first time. we rented a 25ft pontoon boat from bud n Mary’s. we headed out to the lighthouse on alligator reef 2 snorkel. n we noticed a very dark shadow on the wrong side of the boat for the time of day. we realize it was a 25ft hammerhead shark swimming alongside our boat. the hammer had to be 5ft wide. we told the people at bud n Mary’s about it, n they told us that it was old moe, the giant hammerhead that lives around the keys. I never head of an old Hitler. and somehow we all still got in the water n snorkeled after seeing him.

    Heidi J Batdorff
  • Ive see old Hitler. It was in about 1993. My family was out on egmont key, exploring the beautiful island. My ex stayed in the boat as he didn’t swim. When my two daughters were ready to swim back to the boat, my ex started jumping and waving and yelling signaling to stay out of the water. He was not a demonstrative man, so this was alarming. Being 5 generations of Florida natives we don’t fear much, but we are strong believers in respecting nature so we busied ourselves until we got the ok from him and he signaled to hurry. We got aboard to find my ex looking a little ashen. ( we rescue Tigers, lions and bears, so you decide if he saw something unusual!) He told us the a huge hammerhead was circling the boat. He said it was bigger than our 14 ’ wellcraft. The shark wasn’t violent or anything, he was just checking out the boat. He found nothing exciting in our little boat and moved on.

    Debra A. Parker

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