Collection: Smiledeep

smiledeep is a "feel good" lifestyle brand created by the Legendary Paul "Ace" Hayward. Here is his story of how this brand came to life, and what it stands for -  written by Paul.

"Welcome to my imagination + soul… my trademarked brand design evolved while I am fighting stage 4 cancer… '30 days to live' I was told August 2014…  this inspired me to express how i felt we all should live our lives....   i believe there is a need to inspire others. i believe in life.  be a rebel with a cause.  be different.  be cool.  be kind.  jump for the moon.  call a friend.  be authentic.  be optimisticool. listen without prejudice. love your honey.  hug your kids.  walk your dog.  go skinny dip.  pass on your positive vibe (v+).  carry two lucky stones – one for you, one for a person you meet.  dig your life. give a hoot.  life is what you make it.  we explore the wild... we surf the blue... we shred deep powowder... we ride the edge... we make snow angels.  howl at the moon. respect Mother Ocean.  flip a coin “HeadsTheOcean”… “TailsTheMountains…”  happy is Cool. kids are Cool. girls are Cool.  dig this earth, live it, love it, respect it.  carrying a fire in your soul gives you an edge to believe you can do anything, something different.  most importantly, no matter what you are doing, how you are feeling, and regardless of your situation,  awlways smile,  make sure it's a good smile because you never know if it will be your last... smiledeep… Pe.ace

Paul passed away early in 2015 after a courageous battle.  All of these are Paul's original designs and all have a story to tell.  We hope these designs inspire you to smiledeep...