eCommerce Fulfillment Supervisor

We are looking for someone who has experience working in Order Fulfillment and shipping software programs and wants the chance to own a process and grow with our team. Our business is focused on the on-demand printing and fulfillment of eCommerce Apparel Stores.






Order Management:

  • Monitor pending orders, collaborate with printing department to forecast weekly labor and materials needs.
  • Order stock daily for on-demand orders.
  • Create batch group orders into efficient printing runs of similar products.


Inventory Management:

  • Inbound receiving of all incoming stock.
  • Ensure stock is inspected upon receiving for any quality or spec issues.
  • Keep inventory level accurate in the Order Management System with periodic physical counts and adjustments.
  • Packing Supplies replenishment - ensure sufficient supplies are on-hand for the days orders



  • Quality Control
  • Ensure product execution guides are followed.
  • Ensure "we never ship a product we wouldn't wear ourselves"
  • Assure orders and shipping quantities match each account report through careful audit of documents.
  • Ensure shipping area is in working order, clearly marked and organized by priority of accounts.
  • Collaborate with other department leaders to both get extra labor as needed and offer your staff if they are underutilized.



  • Outbound Fulfillment Planning
  • Responsible for routing orders by priority.
  • Freight Carrier Coordination
  • Constant open and clear communication with both USPS, UPS and FedEx to ensure a timely pickup or drop off.
  • Responsible for communicating with printing department regarding altered delivery schedules, department needs, accidents, etc.
  • Ensures packages are ready for timely and efficient loads when trucks arrive to shipping area.
  • Ensure tracking numbers are properly loaded into the OMS, marking only shipments which the carrier has picked up as "Shipped".
  • Responsible for staying until all packages have been picked up by UPS/FedEx and orders confirmed through the order management system.


All other duties as assigned by eCommerce Mgmt. team:

  • Hands-On as Needed


Work Schedule:

  • Part-time with potential to full-time position in coming months


Skills and Capabilities:

  • Self-Organized: can focus on big picture priorities while also making sure every order is accounted for.
  • Process Leadership
  • Recommends new approaches and procedures for effective continual improvement in efficiency of department and services performed.
  • Must lead by example to create a positive team environment.
  • Participates in developing department goals, objectives, and systems.
  • Technical: Comfortable learning new systems and intermediate Microsoft skills
  • Strong Communication
  • Resourcefulness: delegate appropriately, call out blockers, be proactive on operational improvements
  • Sense of urgency during peak season, but cool under pressure
  • Consistent Team player and Motivator
  • Passionate execution: "Never ship a plant you wouldn't want to receive"


Candidate Preferences:

  • Order Fulfillment experience: 1 year
  • Order Management and/or Parcel Shipping Software experience: 1 year
  • Bilingual English and Spanish



  • $15/hr for experienced applicant




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